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Corporate Travel

At Butler Travel we understand the demands on organizations and companies and their time constraints. We strive to make the travel aspect of your organization as seamless as possible so you can maximize your time on that sales pitch, board meeting, or that seminar that you are trying to get to. We work with schools, corporate church groups, hospitals, colleges/universities, and many others throughout the world. Butler Travel has you covered from booking to boarding and beyond.

Business Team

Corporate Groups

If you are coordinating a corporate retreat, managing group travel arrangements for two or more individuals, or organizing a visiting group, we stand ready to assist you in facilitating a seamless and successful experience.



Efficiency in optimizing your organization's travel procedures is a paramount focus for Butler Travel. We take pride in serving as your dedicated concierge service provider, committed to meeting and exceeding all your travel requirements with the highest professionalism.

Businessman in Private Jet


For the busy corporate traveler seeking comprehensive and reliable travel support, Butler Travel stands as your premier solution. Entrust us with the entirety of your travel requirements, and rest assured that all of the details are met for your timely arrival for those critical business pitches.

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