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Air Travel

When you can click a few buttons and book a flight online, why would you consider using a travel agency? The knowledge and expertise of Butler Travel is 28 years in the making. We have the experience necessary to avoid unnecessary travel problems, the power to negotiate on your behalf if a problem arises, and we will resolve any issues that might happen on your trip. You aren't paying for just a flight, you are part of a family of travelers and we partner with you on each and every trip you take with us. We specialize in group and humanitarian travel, but we provide excellent service to all who might want our services. 

Group Travel

One of our specialties is group travel. If you are a high school going on a mission trip or a university going on study tour we can book your group tickets. We work with the airlines to get the best route and price for your trip. 


We partner with missionaries and NGOs to help facilitate their travel to and from their field of work. We will always negotiate the best prices and work out the details so you can focus on the work you do. 


Why Service Fees

Butler Travel needs to charge fees for airline tickets primarily due to shifts in the industry landscape and economic realities. Previously, travel agents earned commissions directly from airlines for each ticket sold, allowing them to offer their booking services to customers at no additional cost. However, airline policies have now reduced or eliminated these commissions. For Butler Travel to continue providing personalized services, we must charge service fees to cover their expertise, time, and operational costs. These fees ensure that you receive tailored advice, itinerary planning, and assistance. 

As of January 2024 our fees are:

Domestic flights: $55

International flights: $75

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