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August 2013

July 17: We have a situation and we need your prayers. The government is telling us that the James 127 Container will need to be fumigated for seven days because of the imported wood this requirement holds, it is likely the container would not arrive at Su Refugio prior to the middle of next week. Sunday, we will have a team of 36 people ready to build a large playground (that is inside the container) and the Center of Hope materials we need to build out both containers. Have engaged into action this morning as we chose to not do our normal devotion together but prayed for God to intervene in this situation…. Together, we know that God can move mountains. He can certainly can move two containers from the Port of Asuncion to Tobati.


July 22: God has prompted us to make changes in the plans to use the containers. We have seen God moving in powerful ways ever since we began the James 127 Project, nearly one year ago. So, we have been wondering why God has not chosen to release the containers in a timely manner so we could use the containers as part of the Center of Hope construction. We believe God has a better plan than ours, so we have redesigned the project in 48 hours and are now beginning to build the Center of Hope entirely with bricks. Saturday morning, we bought 10,000 bricks to begin the work. We still need your prayers so the container with the playground will arrive by no later than tomorrow so we have time to finish the construction.


July 24: One of objectives of our team is to build a gigantic playground for the children of Su Refugio. We were excited to learn that the container had made it way up the Parana River and arrived in Asuncion, Paraguay on July 14th. We felt confident that the cargo container carrying the playground and would soon be delivered and we could build the playground. with each new day, different requirements were imposed for the release of the container. Upon the resolution of each problem, a new problem arose. The days continued to pass. We soon realized that we would need to change the design of the Women's Center of Hope and build it without the use of the containers. We focused our attention on building the Center of Hope and prayed for God to soften the hearts of the government leaders imposing new requirements each day.

God was faithful and answered our prayers. We thank each of you for your prayers. God heard your prayer and answered your prayer at 6:15 pm tonight as the container that left the parking lot of Maranatha Chapel in San Diego two months ago was delivered on a truck into Su Refugio. What joy and excitement we experienced as it entered the property. We quickly unloaded the playground with the screams of joy from the children standing on the deck of the second floor of the orphanage. It was electric and all of our concerns and anxiety evaporated into pure joy. It was a special time we hope that we will never forget. God is good. The government allowed us to quickly unload the container with all the items in the container that were not made with wood. After extracting the playground, art items, etc., the container was fumigated and will be sealed for seven days.


July 27: Two days to build a gigantic playground with the sun setting at 5:30 pm (it's winter here). We wondered how could we possibly do this as it took two hours alone just to pack all the playground parts into the shipping container to send it here. God used one leader from Kids Around the World ( to lead a group of 36 Americans who had never built a playground together to accomplish the seemingly impossible to once again show His glory.

Our team was amazing together and not complaining one time. No drama ... all joy. People digging out loose dirt with their hands 30-inches deep in order to place rocks under poles. Lifting incredibly heavy platforms that took a team of many working together. Not one complaint. Not one issue. The joy of the Lord sang out for two straight days from 6:00 am (when we left the hotel) to 5:30 when the sun set).

Today, we have the ribbon cutting and the children will be running to the playground ... can't wait to see them experience this after they have been patiently sitting and watching the playground grow.


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